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Touch Screen Software and Kiosk Glossary

Alpha/beta testing
The typical stages of testing for software development projects. Alpha typically being an internal test and beta typically being an external test.

In software development, a plain color, graphic image, photo, or animation that is set to be the full screen "backdrop" on which all other software elements (like buttons, text, etc.) are placed.

A standard or performance measurement that is used for evaluating future activity.

A type of graphic file that contains a pattern of memory bits that specify the color of each individual pixel. Bitmap file formats include BMP, PCX, PCD, JPG, TIFF, GIF, and IFF.

Capacitive Touch Screen
A type of touch screen hardware that utilizes a coating on the glass that senses a touch by a change in capacitance.

Processing computer files (graphics, video, etc.) so that they require less storage space.

A computer file and/or format where information (data) can be stored in an organized and accessible way.

Dots per square inch.

Protective housing or furniture used to contain the components of a kiosk.

A set of type characters containing the same type style, typeface and size.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)
In software development, the elements of the software that allow people to interact with the program including buttons, icons, visual indicatord, type, labels, etc.

An interactive computer system which typically includes a graphical user interface and an enclosure of some type.

Liquid Crystal Display. A type of electronic display that contains thin transparent surfaces with grooves containing a liquid crystal substance. Electronic current is applied to the substance which causes light to pass through or be blocked displaying an image.

A universal standard developed for compression of digital video and audio files.

The ability of a touch screen display to recognize multiple, concurrent touch points and the movement of those touch points.

OR Code
Quick Response Code. A type of 2 dimensional matrix bar code which can be scanned by smart phones or other scanners and linked to information or web sites.DPI
Dots per square inch.

A computer display that can detect the presence and location of a touch on its surface.

Extensible Markup Language. A standard data format for text and information that allows for easy data processing.


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