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Touch Screen Software and Kiosk Frequently Asked Questions




How long has your company been in business?
CD Meyer, Inc. was started in 1988 and has been serving the corporate, government, and non-profit markets with multimedia services ever since.  CD Meyer, Inc. began using the DBA Fuel180 Creative in 2016.

Is your product line of touch screen interactive software all you offer, or can you create a custom touch screen game/program for us?
CD Meyer is a full service multimedia development company that designs and develops software products, kiosks, presentations, video, and web sites as well as augmented reality and virtual reality apps.

How customizable are your touch screen games and programs?
Our games and programs are designed to be customized. Each game is designed with different "standard" customization included. Beyond the standard customization, we can do "value added" customization of design and functionality of the product. We like to think that whatever you imagine, we can develop for you. 

What is the cost of your games and programs?
All of our games and programs are designed to be very affordable. For specific pricing information, call, email, or fill out our request quote form.

Is your company registered with the government as a vendor?
We are currently registered with the government Central Contractor Registration site ( as CD Meyer, Inc. If there is a specific agency or web site that we need to register with in order to do business with you, please let us know.

Touch Screen Software

Sponsors/Donors play a huge role within our facility. Do you have a touch screen kiosk software program that will help us recognize these generous resources? 
Yes, we can add sponsor recognition to screen savers and main menus. We also can add a button from the main menu that can display text, photos, or even video. We also have developed kiosk software programs specifically designed to recognize sponsors. Call (973-882-9411) or email ( for more information.

Can a video be played on your kiosk units? 
Yes. We have a number of customers that have added video playback to their kiosk. We can add a button from the main menu to play a video, we can allow your users to choose a video from a group of choices, we can even set up a computer to play a video automatically when a motion sensor is triggered.

Would we be able to update the Questions and Answers for our Pop Quiz game, ourselves? 
Yes. We offer a subscription service that allows you access to our servers. You simply log in to your account, change the questions, answers, etc. as often as you wish, and download the new data file to update the program.

Will you supply us with a back up disc of the touch screen software we license? 
Yes. When you license products from us, you receive a CD-ROM with your customized programs (including main menu if applicable). 

Can games or programs be added to my touch screen kiosk at a later date?
Yes. Adding additional point2explore games and programs is easy. We simply send you a new disc to load which includes a new main menu (if applicable).

Touch Screen Kiosks and Hardware

Do point2explore touch screen kiosks meet ADA requirements?
Our standard touch screen kiosk designs are fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.  We can also provide custom designed kiosks and exhibits that meet the ADA requirements.

Space in our facility is an issue. Do you have a kiosk solution that would work for us? 
Our Panel PCs are a great option for the spatially challenged. These units are small and versatile. They come with a desktop pedestal, but you can purchase a wall mount bracket or even a moveable arm. 

Can your kiosk units be used outside/outdoors? Are they waterproof?
The kiosk models we sell are not for outdoor use. There are outdoor kiosk options available but because each implementation is different, we offer consulting services to address specific needs.

We would prefer a larger touch screen LCD monitor in your floor standing kiosk. Can that be accommodated?
Yes, we have a number of options for large, touch screen installations, from kiosks to wall mounted displays.

How do you ship your larger floor standing touch screen kiosks? 
Our pedestal kiosks are crated and shipped with a trucking company. You can coordinate the shipping or have us do it. Typically the delivery truck uses a lift gate to move the kiosk crate in and out of the truck. Our Panel PCs are shipped easily in their original box via UPS or FedEx. 

Our facility is very busy and noise is always an issue. Do you have a solution to help keep noise levels down? 
Yes, we offer a number of different audio options including vandal resistant head phones or hand sets. We typically discuss the kiosk location and concerns to make a recommendation. 

My Panel PC doesn’t have a CD-ROM drive. How do I reload or update the software?
The Panel PCs have USB ports. We recommend using a USB CD-ROM drive to make updates.

Touch Screen Kiosk Maintenance

How do I clean my touch screen display?
Clean the touch screen with non-ammonia based glass cleaner or isopropyl alcohol and a soft cloth. Always spray the cleaner on the cloth and then clean the screen. 

Is there any routine maintenance that needs to be done for my kiosk?
We recommend cleaning the inside of any kiosk furniture carefully every 3 months (more often if accumulation is excessive). For Panel PCs and computers inside of kiosks, clean the vents (especially by the fans) to avoid over heating. 

Licensing and Warranties

What is the standard warranty for your kiosk software and hardware? 
Standard software warranty is one year. This can be extended for an additional one or two years. Standard hardware warranties are specified by the hardware manufacturer but are typically one to 3 years. 

Is there a fee associated with running the programs we purchase on more than one machine in our facility? 
Additional software licenses are available at a greatly discounted rate. Call or email us for details. 

Do you offer additional support after our included one year warranty expires?

You can purchase an extended warranty at any time WITHIN the first year. We cannot offer extended warranties after a warranty is expired, however we are always available to answer questions and make recommendations.

Call:  973-882-9411 (NJ)
Text:  973-910-1140

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